Cartão de Memória SAMSUNG MB-ME256GA/AM (Avaliação, Análise do Preço ...

Nesta página vou fazer uma análise sobre o cartão de memória SAMSUNG (modelo MB-ME256GA/AM).

Sobre os Cartões de Memória

O cartão de memória é um dispositivo de armazenamento de dados de forma permanente, assim como o pendrive e o HD. É utilizado para complementar (ou substituir) a memória de diversos outros aparelhos como câmeras, celulares, videogames e outros.

De certa forma é um meio termo entre um pendrive (totalmente externo) e um HD interno (pois se adere ao aparelho de forma imperceptível).

Os cartões de memória são vendidos com diversas capacidades e velocidades de leitura e escrita.


Antes de continuar, por favor assista a esse vídeo que explica um pouco sobre as especificações e as dúvidas / problemas mais comuns. Abrange os tópicos:
  • O que é SD, micro SD, HC, XC, V, Classes...
  • Capacidade de armazenamento
  • Velocidade de leitura e escrita
  • Qual o cartão mais indicado para o meu propósito? Qual vale a pena?


Uma imagem descreve melhor que mil palavras
Este cartão de memória é comumente descrito (e anunciado) como Cartão de memória microSDXC 256GB Samsung EVO Select (Classe 10, UHS 3, UHD, c/ Adaptador) - MB-ME256GA/AM...

Cartão de memória flash com 256GB de capacidade, padrão microSDXC, Classe 10 e UHS-U3, taxa de leitura de até 100MB/s e escrita de até 90MB/s, adaptador para SD incluso.


Nome da marcaSAMSUNG
Altura do produto15 milímetros
Largura do produto11 milímetros
Tamanho da memória256 GB
Durante minha pesquisa observei que 'Obi Wan' adorou e disse o seguinte sobre o cartão de memória SAMSUNG MB-ME256GA/AM:
The genuine Samsung Evo Select line of Micro SD cards are great. They are reliable and they live up to the speed and capacity classifications they claim to. I've been using Samsung cards for years and they are the only brand that consistently doesn't give me any issues year after year. This 32GB card is no exception. However, by default the card is formatted as FAT32, but I prefer exFAT as FAT32 won't allow you to transfer a folder containing more than 4GB to the card. That's annoying if you are moving data from an old card to a new one. FAT32 has 4GB file size limitations, but on a transfer it recognizes a directory containing lots of files as 1 thing, and applies the 4GB limit. This will give you an error (in Windows anyway) that there isn't enough space available for the transfer. But if you copy the files individually it works fine. Or just format the card to exFAT and it will accept the folder that exceeds 4GB easily. exFAT will work just fine in an Android phone as well (Android 5.1 or higher. Earlier versions may have some issues with the exFAT formatting) This card handles full HD Video at 60FPS without faulting. It's write speeds are fine to use for HD video. But be sure to authenticate the card upon arrival to make sure it's a genuine Samsung card with the stated capacity. Micro SD cards are a favorite thing for fraudsters to counterfeit because it's cheap and easy to do it. In the past the regular Evo line of Samsung cards (the white and orange colored ones) where the popular cards to counterfeit. Though with these higher grade cards (Evo Select line with the white and green color scheme) starting to be more popular......well it behooves anyone buying a new SD card to check it's authenticity upon arrival. The 2 tone fade of the green coloring adds an additional anti-counterfeiting measure over the previous solid colors. This makes it more expensive to counterfeit a Samsung card convincingly. What happens is that fraudulent card makers will take a 4GB Class 1 card that costs $1 to make, and hack the control chip that tells the computer what the capacity of the card is so your computer thinks it's a much larger card. Your computer will even try to write well over 4GB of data, but the data doesn't actually go anywhere. It's the same idea as putting a 100 gallon label on a 10 gallon bucket. You can pour 100 gallons into it, but 90 of those gallons are just going to flow out over the top and be lost forever. Below are some steps to help you ensure that you get a legitimate Samsung card. ❖ For the last several years Samsung has made it's micro SD cards with white plastic. That means the actual card itself behind the colorful label on front is white. You can see the white plastic on the sides. Fake cards are almost always all black, because they are generically produced low cost cards that are given a fancy Samsung looking label on the front. If the card you get it black ON THE SIDES, it's not a Samsung. White plastic is more expensive to make, and fraudsters are all about doing it cheap. (See my images below of a real Samsung card with the white sides and back showing) The back should be black. The sides should be white. And the front should be colorful with the 2 tone green fade. ❖ Buy only from reputable vendors. Amazon is a reliable vendor. And if there is a problem, they will take it back without hassle. There are dozens of other 3rd party vendors who are just as trustworthy. But make sure you are buying from one of those. Read their seller feedback. If there are numerous complaints from people who bought fake capacity cards or even cards that didn't work properly, find a different seller. ❖ Make sure the listing looks right. This one is fine. It's a legitimate Samsung card. (I've personally bought it and tested it) But scammers will post nearly identical looking listings on Amazon that have cards that look nearly identical buy don't have the Samsung logo at the top. (Recently another scammer replaced Samsung with Sanshen on fake cards. Other than that they were identical. They used the same font any everything, including the A in Samsung that doesn't have the bar in the middle) ❖ Be careful of the price. If the price of the card you are looking at is significantly below the price of other listings for similar capacity cards, something is wrong. One of the biggest tricks scammers play is to make the price WAY lower than it should be in hopes of getting you to spend more time looking at the price tag than looking at the other things that don't add up right on the listing. Unusually low priced flash storage almost never works out well. ❖ Test the card once you buy it! Regardless of who you buy your Micro SD card from or what brand it is, test it out. A thorough way to test it is with a utility app called ""h2testw"". You can download it free. Just do a search for it on any search engine and you'll find it. That app writes single bit data to the drive until it's full, then it reads that data back to make sure it's readable. It will tell you what the actual capacity of this disk is. The default language on that utility is German, but you can switch to English easily. It is not fast. It will take about 45 minutes to test a 32GB card, and several hours to test a 256GB card. Just run it overnight and check the results in the morning. This is smart to do even if you have no doubts that you have an authentic Samsung (or other brand name) product. Sometimes things go wrong in manufacturing and quality control and a dud gets through. An app like h2testw will verify that your legitimate brand name card is working properly. And if it's not, you'll know right away while you are still in your 30 day exchange window.

Preço e Detalhes

SAMSUNG MB-ME256GA/AM tem um preço alto em comparação com outros cartões de memória (Eu avaliei 259 cartões de memória).

Pesquisa de Preços

para fins de referência o preço médio que eu calculei foi de R$294,59. O cartão de memória mais caro que encontrei custava R$3904! (Um monstro do armazenamento rsrs).

Obs 1: Esse foi o preço médio que eu obtive de dezenas de cartões de memória pesquisados (de diversos tipos e características).
Obs 2: Com o tempo a inflação aumenta os preços e, portanto, quando você estiver lendo esta página o preço médio atual será maior do que quando eu pesquisei.

Onde Comprar

As lojas abaixo são de minha confiança: Elas possuem suporte, rastreamento e são seguras:



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Cartão de Memória SAMSUNG MB-ME256GA/AM (Avaliação, Análise do Preço ...
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